Arcadia is Looking for More Fitness and Active Living Leaders
Arcadia is working to expand the availability of active living and recreation activities in our
communities. One of our initiatives is to provide training to residents that are interested in
helping community members participate in physical activities such as fitness classes, yoga, line
dancing and recreation sports. Arcadia has obtained funding from the NB Active Communities
Program to train up to five active living leaders. The funding is available to Arcadia residents
who are interested in taking formal training that will allow them to lead a range of active living
programs. These programs would be delivered in various facilities throughout Arcadia, such as
schools, community centers and parks.
The training could be for most types of activity that would contribute to active living on behalf
of our residents. These programs would be focused on all ages and abilities as well as taking
place in any area of Arcadia. If you are interested in becoming an active living leader, have
questions, or just have some ideas please contact Jenn Ball in Gagetown
( or Robert Grant in Cambridge-Narrows ( 506
300 1717.