At our last council meeting, Mayor Pleadwell shared an Arcadia budget summary across all the major budget categories alongside demographic, population and household distribution in Arcadia’s six wards.  This post provides the summary document with the intent to give transparency to how Arcadia distributes your property tax dollars through services delivered.

This is your budget.


The current year’s budget was exceptional as the formation of Arcadia, and its first budget, was driven by the provincial government.  For the most part, it was status quo.  Regardless, this budget does broadly represent how services were already being delivered, and funded, in Arcadia’s constituent communities of the LSDs of Cambridge, Upper Gagetown, Hampstead and Waterborough and the Villages of Cambridge-Narrows and Gagetown.


Your council is committed to progressively expanding on a transparent budget.  We will share the budget, audits and ultimately the Ward tax rates as they form year over year.  Bear with us as we proceed down this path to transparency for all Arcadia wards.


Again, this is your budget.


A very important aspect of this summary is how the respective wards of Arcadia look from a demographic, population, and household perspective.  This will be a driving force for council in how we make our decisions. As residents, need to hold us accountable for this.  Mayor Pleadwell has publicly committed to using this type of analysis as the backdrop for all significant financial and policy decisions of council. As such, its important to you, as a resident of Arcadia, become familiar with what drives our decision-making processes.


This is our community.


Click HERE to read the Summary Document