Residents are reminded that we have entered the spring freshet period.

Each year the Province of New Brunswick operates the RIVERWATCH program to help keep residents informed about the water levels in the Saint John River.  We encourage everyone to visit the site regularly to stay up to date on the situation.

RIVERWATCH publishes a 5-Day Forecast of water levels.  Click this link to see the forecast.  St. John River Five-day Forecast (  We encourage residents to be vigilant if you live or are near the river.  EMO strongly encourages people not to go out on the river in small watercrafts.  There is debris in the river and the water is fast moving and cold.  If you have items near the water, this would be a good time to secure them so they aren’t at risk of damage or loss.

We encourage our residents to keep informed up to date with flood information.  While there is no immediate concern for widespread flooding, conditions on the river can change quickly.